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Almost done?

By: Lindsey King

I agree with Nicole, these 30 days have gone by so quickly!

My Memorial Weekend was pretty low key–consisting of a bbq with Chelsea & Omer (large green salads, anyone? with homemade hummus and popcorn?), a walk around Chelsea Market and the High Line Park with Oren’s sister, Niva and her boyfriend Josh, with a stop at Border’s Bookstore to pick up a copy of The Son’s Of Liberty (Oren is one of the artists on the book!) and making sure I get in a few good workouts before the wedding.  I also spent some time organizing my last few days on the diet.  I’ve been reading the blog that Lindsay W. suggested, Choosing Raw, and I really like Gena’s philosophy: you don’t need to get too fancy, enjoy the process–this lifestyle is a choice and one that you should be proud of. She also has an excellent FAQ section in which she addresses the concerns of those who don’t partake in a vegan/raw diet (i.e. I’m sending it to my mom as she mentioned on the phone that I looked orange–never mind she hasn’t seen me in weeks). 🙂

I feel like I’ve mentioned this before, but I have an insatiable sweet tooth and I love to bake (the boy cooks, I bake–it’s win-in in my opinion);  I have been so pleasantly surprised with the “sweets” that were provided in the packet as well as posted online.  You really don’t need the Crisco, brown sugar, flour, etc. to make something that feeds that sweet need…I also don’t crave sugar any longer, I crave fruit!  In that spirit, I made a variation of Ani Phyo’s Breakfast Mango Cobbler using apples.

I changed the recipe a bit: I cut it in half, used coconut oil instead of coconut butter, and squeezed a half of a lemon over the apples to add a bit of tartness to the mix.  The end result was a filling treat! It also made for a delicious breakfast this morning.

My heart and thoughts are with Lindsey, Bruce, Jan & family, as always.

Cheers, Lindsey K

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    Nicole Wong 

    looks so yummy!